I am a native of Los Angeles. A true Angelino, being born on Wilshire Bl at The Hospital of The Good Samaritan.
Growing up in L.A., I immersed myself in all good things our city has to offer. In my school days I played a lot of sports and in the summertime went surfing at our fabulous beaches. As a teen I went to the parties in the Hollywood Hills, meeting many musicians and actors.
After college I traveled around the country seeking and finding new adventures, but always would return home to my L.A., realizing this city has it all!
I have been involved with the arts my whole life from writing to drawing, dancing, drumming in a rock band, acting, then to the world of finance.
Throughout all my artistic travels I always loved photography, taking pictures wherever I went.
In 2008 when we had our great recession, I was laid off from my career in finance. I decided then to go back to school to pursue and learn the technical aspects of photography. I absolutely love it!

I do all types of photography: scenery, events, award shows, stills for commercials and music videos, headshots, rock concerts, parties, bar and bat mitzvas, weddings...

I capture the moments and bring your vision to life.