Alex Cole(non-registered)
Frances Deutsch is more than a great photographer, she is an artist! She is 100% connected with the artist while she shooing a concert. Me and my band love to have her at our shows. You rock Frances! Alex
Hunter Craig(non-registered)
Frances! What can I say? We have seen a lot together and I can't look at any of your pics without remembering/reliving that exact moment... Smells, sounds, people who were with us...You are amazing. When it's you I don't even think about a camera being there. Which is how it should be I think! Thank you for everything you do. --- hunter
I love the music in your gallery and your photos always Rock!
From custom car events to Rocker Events, to private ViP Party's to daily Bingo events to Award shows to sons of anarchy Party's you have a great eye on photography and know how to capture the moments...
always Looking forward to watching your work
one of my favorites is The Lennon photo's!
Melody W
zeni danussi(non-registered)
love your work, i am wanting the Zeni Danussi images from this years 2012 hmma awards, you have captured ZENI DANUSSI
Lisa Charnes-Sarokin(non-registered)
Frances, you brought our vision to life. You truly captured the most perfect moments @ our wedding and the entire event essence. You are a dream to work with as you made sure to visit the venue and with us months prior so that you knew the flow of the room and what we were looking for in wedding photos. We definitely did not want the run of the mill standard photo session and you incorporated our ideas with your own creativity. Before, during and after you saw to it that all details were defined and executed so beautifully. Because of you, we have these beyond wonderful pictures and memories. Not only that, we we used two of your photos as part of our thank you notes to our guests. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do!
Kim Black(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures.!! I Love your unique ideas. The shoe in the glass, the rings displayed in the roses and on the pieces of coral. My favorite is the wedding party over the top looking down. What a fantastic Photographer you are.!!!!! I will call you for my wedding when we decide on the date. !!! I am ordering some of the Dog calendars. They will be great presents for all of my friends and family. Thanks Again for sharing.
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